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Youth Grant Program

The Youth Grant Program encourages our 8th thru 12th grade youth to participate in Jewish-context programs offered outside our temple community. These experiences are intended to enhance the participant’s Jewish development and provide a greater foundation for our youth to live a life of contribution to the community.  


  • Shir Hadash Men's Club will provide funds directly to the sponsoring organization for approved activities, events, conferences, and programs or as reimbursement to a family with verified payment of funds to the sponsoring organization. 

  • Grants are intended to offset only a portion of the program expense.


  • Members of Congregation Shir Hadash families.

  • In school grades 8 through 12.

  • Applications will be considered for Shir Hadash Youth for events through the first August after their High School graduation or their 18th birthday, whichever comes later.


  • Applications may be submitted at any time during the calendar year for events within 4 months of the application date.

  • To support processing, please submit your application at least 45 days before the event.

  • We will make every effort to consider any application we receive, no matter the timing.

  • A response will be provided to the applicant within 3 weeks of submission. 



Please use the links that follow to obtain additional information on this program and to access the on-line Youth Grant Application Form. 


Youth Grant Application Form

Youth Grant Application Process Summary (pdf)


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